Photo collage of images of climate impacts, flooding, wildfire, drought, and storms with center image of All-In Clark County logo.

 Roundtable attendees participating in a sticky-note and whiteboard activity.

Environmental leaders participate in a Community Plan roundtable. December 2021. 

Who are Our Stakeholders?

Community leaders from local, regional, and state organizations are lending their skills to the All-In Community Plan. These leaders represent different populations, industries, and interests, as well as local and state policy-makers and research organizations. Over 150 organizations have been invited to participate.  

Stakeholders, each with distinct expertise and community-based knowledge, are advising each of the three foundational technical and planning efforts - the Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory, the Climate Vulnerability Assessment, and the Community Climate and Sustainability Action Plan. This collective wisdom will help the County design actions and implementation pathways that are customized for who we are and what we need in Clark County.

Every person who lives and works in Clark County is a stakeholder, too! Provide your expertise to the All-In Community Plan.

List of Stakeholders       Get Involved!

Champions for Equitable Engagement

Our Outreach Partners - stakeholders and community-based organizations - share information about climate change and the climate action planning process and provide opportunities for their constituents to shape the plan through surveys, activities and events. Outreach partners also advise All-In on which outreach and communications approaches are most meaningful to the people or businesses they work with. 

All-In Clark County holds equity as a guiding principle. Some people, groups, industries, and areas in the County will experience the impacts of climate change more severely than others. The solutions selected for the All-In Community Plan will also have different impacts for different groups and industries. And some community members face barriers to participating in public planning processes. Outreach Partners help us connect with people with diverse experiences, needs, priorities, and backgrounds, to get closer to our goal of equitable engagement. 

 RTC bus in traffic

RTC Advertised the All-In Survey to transit riders accessing Wi-Fi. 

Desert Breeze Spring Festival

Electric Vehicle Showcase

Smith's Grocery

AAPI Heritage Month Celebration

Las Vegas Juneteenth Festival

All-In Engagement Team

The All-In Engagement Team (E-Team) is a group of trained community members that bring the All-In message to events, organizations, and community groups across the county. The E-Team provides information and resources for interested community members, shares opportunities to get involved with the planning process, and has personal conversations about the impacts of climate change in our communities and how we can create a more sustainable future.

Sustainability and Climate Advisory Group

The Sustainability and Climate Advisory Group (SCAG) is comprised of representatives of community-based organizations, advocacy groups, technical experts, local governments, regional and state agencies, and industry. The Advisory Group will meet 4-5 times during the planning process to provide feedback on each stage of the planning process. 

Meetings are livestreamed for the public and recordings are available at the links below. 

Meeting 1: Introduction and Priorities [Oct. 14, 2021]

Meeting 2: Goals and Strategies [Feb. 10, 2022]

Meeting 3: Actions [July. 21, 2022]

Meeting 4: Implementation [Sept. 27,  2022]

Advisory Group members sit in a conference room facing a powerpoint presentation.

Our Stakeholders

These logos represent some of the 150+ organizations collaborating with All-In. Stakeholders span 13 sectors. 

Staff Contact

All-In Clark County is an initiative of the Clark County Department of Environment & SustainabilityIf you have questions about how this plan is being developed for our region, please reach out to us!

Sam Baker

Sustainability Program Administrator

Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability