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Climate Pledge

Our community's sustainable future starts with you. Even small actions you take make a difference to address climate change and ensure that our community is prepared to adapt and thrive in the face of challenges.

Join County leaders and your neighbors and pledge to take climate action.

Celebrating Community Voices

Actions community members take every day support the well-being and prosperity for all who call Clark County home. We want to amplify the voices of people like you who care about making our community safer, healthier, and more sustainable. Share your story with us!

Share your story 

Lisa Ortega with Nevada Plants

Latino Outdoors

Garden planted by Al Ma’un to address food insecurity and mitigate heat.

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Starting Climate Conversations

One of the most important things you can do for the climate is also the simplest—talk about it! All-In Clark County has created this toolkit to help you have constructive conversations about climate change. It provides frameworks and discussion questions that link climate action to the values your family and friends hold. Conversations become a great tool to build support and help people become more informed and confident in their abilities to take climate action.

If more of us start these climate conversations, then more of us will be All In for change.

Read the Friends & Family Guide