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The Path to the Plan

In early 2021, the Clark County Board of Commissioners approved the All-In Clark County Plan for Government Operations. We are now embarking on three additional efforts under the All-In Clark County umbrella to continue to lead the region to a more sustainable future.

The Greenhouse Gas Inventory and the Climate Vulnerability Assessment are foundational technical efforts that we are developing with the support of our municipalities and state and regional partners. These two efforts will provide the information necessary to develop a robust, actionable community-wide plan, the All-In Community Plan.

 All-In Clark County has two projects that will lead into the Community Sustainability and Climate Action plan. The first is a regional greenhouse gas emissions inventory which will assess regional sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions contributing to climate change. Plus the Climate Vulnerability Assessment which will confirm climate hazards and the areas and systems most vulnerable to these hazards and identify solutions to enhance our community's overall resilience. Equals the Community Sustainability and Climate Action Plan which will grow climate literacy in the community and work together to develop a plan of action to ensure a sustainable future for all.

Leading By Example: County Operations

With the All-In County Operations Plan, the County aims to promote sustainable practices and climate action within the County’s operations to ensure that it can continue to thrive in the face of climate change. Through the development and implementation of codes, policies, and procedures that improve the resilience of its operations, the County improves its ability to serve the community while also serving as a model for sustainable action in the region.

Read the All-In County Operations Plan and visit the All-In County Operations Dashboard to track our progress. 

All-In County Operations Dashboard

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Plan Focus Areas

The All-In Community Plan has six focus areas. Focus areas help us be sure to prepare for all the ways climate change will impact Clark County, and to put ourselves on a path that eliminates our contributions towards climate change. 

  • Clean & Reliable Energy
  • Connected & Equitable Mobility
  • Diverse & Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Water Systems
  • Resilient & Healthy Community
  • Smart Buildings & Development

Focus Area Fact Sheets

Check out each fact sheet for the six plan focus areas to discover key facts about the topic, learn about how it is related to our long-term resilience and sustainability, and see the existing efforts that we are building off of to plan for a sustainable and successful future, for everyone.

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Sustainable Water Systems

Did you know we've seen a 52% decrease in water use even as our local population has grown by 48%? Check out the fact sheet for Sustainable Water Systems to learn more!

Read the Water factsheet in Spanish or Tagalog

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Connected & Equitable Mobility

Transportation is the source of 36% of greenhouse gas emissions in Clark County. Read more in the Connected & Equitable Mobility fact sheet!

Read the Mobility Factsheet in Spanish or Tagalog

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Clean & Reliable Energy

There are more than 46,300 rooftop solar installations in Southern Nevada and counting! Read more about energy in our community in the Clean & Reliable Energy fact sheet.

Read the Energy Factsheet in Spanish or Tagalog

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Diverse & Circular Economy

Did you know that there are over 3 million miles of roadways made with recycled asphalt in Clark County? Learn more about waste in our community in the Diverse & Circular Economy fact sheet.

Read the Economy Factsheet in Spanish or Tagalog

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Resilient & Healthy Community

July 2021 was the hottest month on record, a record broken every July for the past seven years in Clark County. Learn more about how climate impacts our community in the Resilient & Healthy Community fact sheet.

Read the Community Factsheet in Spanish or Tagalog

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Smart Buildings & Development

50% of GHG emissions in Clark County are from buildings. Learn more about how our buildings are related to climate in the Smart Buildings & Development fact sheet. 

Read the Buildings Factsheet in Spanish or Tagalog

Our Guiding Principles

Our four guiding principles set the foundation for the goals and actions of this plan, as well as set the tone for what is important to the Clark County community. As the plan develops we will use these principles to screen for actions that advance climate resilience and sustainability.

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Planning Timeline

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a timeline illustrating baseline assessment and goals setting complete by december 2020. Identifying sustainability and resilience actions from november 2020 to february 2021. prioritizing actions from january to april 2021, developing implementation steps from march to april 2021. developing the final plan from march to june 2021.